Q1. The first thing one should do is change the password. It is a very complicated process. There is no guidance as to how many characters, numbers or special character, capital or small letter should be used in password. Hence one has to go through trial and error method and then because of too many attempts, one is logged out.

Ans. The password can be changed by clicking on the lock icon present on the top right after you login with the present password.


Q2.One has to choose which position one will register for. In many cases, one’s CV can be used for different positions in different projects. In my case, my CV is used as Road Safety Expert, Traffic Expert, Transport Planner, Transport Modeller and Transport Economist, and maybe other roles as suitable. What does one do in such cases?

Ans. The registration is independent of the position one plans to hold. The personnel details once loaded shall be examined by the system w.r.t the stipulated requirements for the intended position.

Q3.In the section “Certificates”, does one upload all certificates? All may not be available even if one has done a training course.

Ans. Where the experience certificate is not available, self-declaration in regard to authenticity of the data may be uploaded.

Q4.“Education” exact % may not be available, what about CGPA? How do you convert to %? Does not give the same meaning.

Ans. The observation is being addressed. Meanwhile CGPA upto first decimal may be entered in place of person.

Q5.Under Education – post graduate degree, there is no option for writing “Master of Science in Civil Engineering”. There should a box saying “other” where one can write their exact degree name.

Ans. The observation is being addressed.

Q6.“Experience” – says “number of projects completed”. One may have worked on one part of the project life cycle, not necessarily completed it. Does one write the number of projects worked on?

Ans. No. The information needs to be provided only for completed projects.

Q7.There are two boxes for address. One is address of client. What is the other address for?

Ans. The other is for employer’s address.

Q8.“Documents” are needed. Are these completion certificates? It is very difficult to get completion certificates from client. If one has worked in a company, the company will give a certificate saying the period of work and designation. Rarely would they mention the projects worked on.

Ans. The documents can be experience certificate or self-declaration.

Q9.The type of projects to choose from are: Highway, Bridge, Tunnel, and Revenue Work. What exactly is revenue work? There could be so many other types of projects, like urban transport, regional development, etc where bridges and roads are a part. How does one qualify these projects?

Ans. Revenue work pertains to work experience stipulated for revenue expert in the RFP document.

Q10.What about experience in government department where one works on a development project that includes various aspects?

Ans. The type of project handle need to be classified under the 4 given categories which are relevant to the nature of highway projects for which the INFRACON has been developed.

Q11. The choice of projects given is EPC or PPP. This applies to project execution only. What about planning or design or study or any other combination of operation, maintenance, rehabilitation, management?

Ans. All public funded projects shall be coming under EPC and the remaining would be PPP.

Q12.There should be explanation of all terms used for one to be sure about what is wanted.

Ans. The terms used are self-explanatory and well known in pertinence to highway projects.

Q13.There is no option of saving work done, only submit option is present. Very frequently one does work on some portion, saves it and comes back to it later. Such saving option should be included.

Ans. The “submit” option is being used for saving part or full information which has been entered so far. However once you click on “Proceed” button the information gets stored in non-editable mode.

Q14.There is no option of modifying information at a later date after submission. What if one’s passport number changes or one does some extra work on a project completed a year back or the type of project execution changes from PPP to EPC at a later date or the project cost gets modified, time extended, etc.

Ans. The information can be modified by choosing “Basic Details” option from “profile”, carrying out the required modification and clicking on “submit”. Based on whom is submitted one can choose “Preview and Submit” and click on the “Proceed” therein. Modified details can also be viewed likewise...

Q15. How to create a client user ID?

Ans. The Client User ID is created for Government officials of the rank of Superintending Engineer (SE) or equivalent or above on a formal letter head stating.

Designation with Department :
Mobile No:
Official Email ID:
Office Address:

Above mentioned information needs to be addressed to GM (IT) and sent on E-mail ID:- support-infracon@gov.in


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